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Viper Trading Systems Indicator

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I'm not using MarketReplay. I'm talking about opening a chart after the fact and applying the strategy. What I don't understand is why the historical data, and consequently the entries and exits, would be significantly different from when it happened live.

I can understand that data from different providers might be slightly different (but not significantly different), but historical data and live data of the same timeframe, from the same provider, should be real close.

If you're talking about what you see on your charts vs. what Viper posts on their autotrader website, then that's another story. I never did chase that discrepancy. I could only go by what trades my chart displayed because those are the trades my system would have taken.


Hi Tom

First I've long given up an any autotrading strategy being all that effective. But in playing with looking at the charts, after the fact and live, I've concluded the only results I trust are live. Not sure I can explain why, but that's just the conclusion I've come to based on looking.


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