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Indicator Warehouse use BMT indicators?

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san antonio usa
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IW post

ttt trader
I will re-cycle your words and say "IF YOU READ THE ENTIRE POST" I am not the one that originated the thread I just contributed and evidently that bothers you. I am sorry if this is too negative for you but clearly I am not the first nor will I be the last to mention this topic.. There are people here that have worked very hard to create and develop the tools and ideas that they have and that is what fuels this entire forum. Why would those people wish to continue to develop trading tools and share their collective knowledge if someone such as the person that has been mentioned herein for example, decides to come into this forum and gather ideas only to go out and capitalize on the hard work of the ones that decided to share those ideas in the first place? When predatory individuals come into this space and pilfer and misbehave that hurts the entire community which includes you AND me.. Big Mike has become an icon in this industry and is a respected forum. His hard work and the contributions and interactions of the members here are of value and for anyone to come in and break the rules and promote illegally " (formerly BMT) LAWS" then that is stealing from BM AND stealing from those that share their work If you cannot appreciate that and you feel that it is so important to make an issue out of this then I would have to question your motives.. Are you IW with an alias?? just wondering... because this type of activity threatens the establishment that you seem so interested in preserving....sorry but I don't sugar coat things that shouldnt be sugar coated..
I know who I am and why I feel the way I do and Big Mike I sincerely apologize if this thread is now inappropriate by my doing, but what needs to be said just flat needs to be said.. and I said it. I like you, stand behind my decision to say it..

I am done. I said what I needed to say and I thank you for giving it more attention that I ever expected TTT Trader..

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