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Viper Trading Systems Indicator

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This excerpt from Jane's superb analysis is all you need to know to stay away from Viper's Russell AT unless you enjoy losing money. Allow me to net it out for you.

From 9/09 thu 12/09, AT gained 368 points @$10/point = +$3,680.
900 contracts commission @$4.50 = -$4,050
Viper fee, $299/month x 4 = -$1,196

NET LOSS: $1,566.

Well, Charles, Rich, Gary, and the subscriber's broker made money; and four out of five ain't bad.


you mean, you still had to pay the subscription fees? (joke, of course you did, insult to injury)

in all fareness,

there must have been spectacular winning days somewheres in there?

actually what has happened and I tried to mention this and openly discuss the unknown factor

whatever special approach or method that was used to develop and market the process, has been countered and out thought by highly educated PhD's in Financial Engineering as well as Mathematics as well as Software design.

simply put, they reverse engineered a probable similarity to the approach used by viper, and then figureed out both how to:

1) trigger its indicators into a false conclusion and then took trades opposite it
2) figurered out when it triggers a trade so they could front run, post run or cancel out its anticipated or expected outcome

this is what happens to all softwares, in smaller words, the marketplace has adjusted around its uniqueness to neutralize its advantage....

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