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Vegas, sorry bud, my post was a thinly veiled attempt at sarcasm that should be been recognizable by the comment about Treasuries not breaking down.

The sarcasm is directed at two things - one is the fragility of Inter market analysis and the 2nd was the circuitous, endless and ultimately ineffectual debate about what is affecting the market currently and what was coming afterwards (something that never seems to blow over in forums, TV channels et al)

For best bang for buck analysis and trading, I find it too demanding to partake in such endeavors. These discussions are often incomplete. As people like myself tend to have poor information, incomplete context and often gloss over the historical evidence of how capital behaves in times of uncertainty and credit contraction.

Capital flows in my quite possibly flawed contention are flowing towards not only safer assets and also what some perceive to be best value. Which maybe both return on money as well as return of money.

Furthermore, I would also contend that price of the USD, TNotes is already (and has been) reflecting both of the above since the initial capital jolt of 2008. This could immediately lead one to some recognition of the concept that the Eurozone is hardly the biggest problem with the world. And there are bigger elephants in the room.

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