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The Electronic Local method

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I feel your pain it's hard to function in the electronic age, ok here is what going on,
the zip file is not ninja zip it is just a reg zip file, that is why ninja says it's empty,
inside it there are gom ninja zip and buy/sell vol ninja zip, with me so far?
so unzip it into 2 zip files using your regular zip software then ninja import as usual.

Cory, thx, yes I'm with you now, although I wouldn't have got there alone, thx.
Personally data mining takes on a whole new meaning.

Zondor View Post
Fortunately the Electronic Local indicators include the GOMCD package,
and that includes an indicator that shows the delta and the total volume for each bar.

Hopefully the GOMCD will display correctly?
The snapshot I attached before shows a problem of over shooting the zero line.

But EL also includes the two-year old Ninjatrader buy sell volume indicators,
which can easily be, but have not been, integrated to work with GOMCD to give persistable data....
Until I did it a few weeks ago.

I couldn't get the NT B/S Vol indi's
to display as a histogram in the same way as ELocal.

So if anyone would like me to post the Buy Sell Volume Total GCD, which DOES refresh historical data
and DOES NOT go blank every time you touch the chart, please let me know!
It cam easily be tweaked to display the data in all the other various ways that the BBSV Ninja indicators do.

.. you don't have to ask.
Excellent Zondor, please yes, post them.
You'll turn my alexia into elixir of GOM.

Also suggest that anyone reading this thread look at the threads about trading price and volume,
because we are on the same page as Electronic Local -- watching the ORDER FLOW.

What initially felt like a road less travelled, turns out to be full of excellent company.
Really appreciate the replies and look forward to the GOM with persistance.
All hail Zondor.
"Zondor the Great"

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