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New Developments!

Hola Hola,

I have new developments! I don't really want to start an 'official journal' here on (formerly BMT); so--some 'deep thoughts' to follow...

Let's go right to the markets here as they opened about 80 minutes ago.

6E: I am holding for 1.29 and 1.31 and higher. Longer-term swingtrade. This is my campaign trade that I began putting positions on @the very low cycle day of 6/01/12

GC: This is long right here and right now. Everyone knows about my long GC from May 14th longer-term cycle low {well, maybe you don't}?

Reward is HUGE; risk is a breach of the triple bottoms that began last September.

I am talking about Gold now stairstepping up up & up methodically.

***note*** I am LONG alot more Silver than I am Gold {way more upside potential}.

Do your own work on Silver; besides--not many people here will ever trade Silver, or maybe you do? I don't know you. Silver is LONG NOW and ride it higher.

Silver held at the 'last stand' position on early Friday a.m. and went 'black' and will NOT go back for quite some time. Commercials had record-low 'short' positions; they are always wrong at turning points. So there you go {LONG}.

Those 'cum-mersh's' are going to get squeezed soon; so f*ck 'em all. : )

If a trader is short gold or silver; you HAVE to reverse or you are sh*t out of luck.

Risk is low to $25.00 with Reward up to $32.50 and $37.50++

This is a 'campaign' trade for me (along with my 6E campaign trade). See my last comments BELOW my signature for how I trade campaign trades and swingtrades.

U.S. Dollar: Oops! Short that fiat garbage. It gave up the ghost on Friday.

CL: I am neutral but will have a swingtrade on this in another week or so.

U.S. Indices: Normal indications are for test of 1260 area basis S&P cash and lower to 1207.50 S&P cash. However, don't step in front of this freight train until you can confirm at least a shorter-medium term NEW downtrend {after the bamboozle on early Fri. overnight USA est}.

Trade what you see...

For now--it will be a busy next 16+ hours. And I am starting my workweek as of 80 minutes ago.



I do have a week long vacation coming up overseas; markets permitting though (after this week is over). I am hopeful I can get a full 5 days off--it is up to the markets though.
***6E and SI are a campaign trade and I trade it differently than shorter-term swingtrades. I expect to be trading in and out of EUROFX futures and EURUSD forex positions and SI futures {anticipated multi-month uptrend} until at least Labor Day.

I can and do trade a purely technical 'top-down' swingtrade methodology for shorter-term trades in many asset classes that uses common indicators.

For campaign trades, esoteric methods {Geometry, Planetary Spatial Analysis & Gann} are more accurate for giving me the larger picture.


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