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Boomerang indicator system at

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BCT is no more at IW

Looks like Adam at Indicator Warehouse has had enough of Apu or Mohan or what ever this guy's name is as IW is no longer an outlet for BCT.

It was only a matter of time as I think Adam is a pretty straight shooter -

This guy refuses to trade live and even when he's reviewing historical it's amazing how many losing setups just don't make it to the spotlight and are flat skipped right over.

If I'm not mistaken "Mohan" tried some collabrative effort with something called 21st Century Investors and had pretty much the same outcome.

I remember how frustrated Ray Burke ( IW's resident live day trader ) got with trying to trade this system live and after repetitive losses you could just feel the fear in his voice as he nixed the next current trade setup over some subjective "It doesn't feel right" - Well Ray, you were right.

This guy ( "Mohan") is always harping about how he has the "BEST" reputation in this industry .......... and I've got a bridge for sale - step right up!

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