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The Electronic Local method

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There are some interesting posts on his blog... one where he extols the virtues of watching 1 chart, 1 timeframe and not getting confused by using multiple time frames for example. But I attended the webinar and, like most webinars, it was mostly a waste of time. Unless something magical happened during the last few minutes of the session, most of what was discussed was very basic, very generic and not particularly beneficial to anyone who has been trading for awhile. For example, he doesn't provide any of (apparently) 18 different setups that he has for entering the market. Rather, he suggests that each trader find his / her own setups. I'm not saying that is bad advice - but I doubt if he told his daughter to find her own setups. Another gem is to be sure you have enough money in your account before you start trading or else you'll probably lose it. Again, I'm not saying that is bad or wrong advice, just that if you don't know that, you're probably not ready to trade anyway. His take on exits is pretty vague too. He likes to scale out in increments of 3 but where to scale is not disclosed. From studying the trades on the blog, you'll see that sometimes trades are exited at his outer Keltner, sometimes at Market Profile areas of significance (value area highs / lows and poc's for example), and sometimes the exits seem to be primarily discretionary. I love the premise of the blog - follow along while a legitimate and successful trader teaches his daughter how to trade. But from reading the blog and attending the webinar, I didn't pick up too much that seems trade-worthy.

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