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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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hi cunparis,
Glad that someone with experience in Sentimentrader chimed in. I tried Jason's free trial for 2 weeks and had no where the depth of experimentation that you did. Price and volume indeed One trading mentor of mine has a very simple 2 chart setup where he's found that the $TICK does have some predictive value if watched on very fast chart. His setup is 3 tick renko bars with wicks for price excursion, cumulative bid/ask delta of volume underneath, and 30 second candlestick chart of the NYSE $TICK with adaptive moving average. As I'm sure many of us have seen, often the burst trends in the TICK precede moves in the ES.

I use $TICK on a 1min chart and I've been using a variation of bid/ask delta (it's labeled better momentum and/or my momentum in charts, look in the cycles thread). I'm currently experimenting with cumulative version. So I'm probably not far from the setup of your friend. I also simplified and went from 3 timeframes to 2. I want it as simple as possible. You'll find some recent trades in my cycles thread in the VIP forum.

Cunparis, you ever play around with Neural/Genetic forecasts, any comments? Also, real quick, my hunch was that Jason's models could be used to anticipate over-extendedness. So, do you think there's any predictive value in noticing when STEM is close to oversold/overly pessimistic but hasn't turned, thereby saying to one's price/volume research, "Okay, now we're looking for signs of bottom, accumulation, short covering, etc...expecting turn to upside" vice versa for top?

I don't really care about models. They can get pegged at oversold for a long time. I prefer to study the volume that will determine when markets turn. HVC & order flow.

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