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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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fairfield, ct
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thanks for adding an experienced comment

hi cunparis,
Glad that someone with experience in Sentimentrader chimed in. I tried Jason's free trial for 2 weeks and had no where the depth of experimentation that you did. Price and volume indeed One trading mentor of mine has a very simple 2 chart setup where he's found that the $TICK does have some predictive value if watched on very fast chart. His setup is 3 tick renko bars with wicks for price excursion, cumulative bid/ask delta of volume underneath, and 30 second candlestick chart of the NYSE $TICK with adaptive moving average. As I'm sure many of us have seen, often the burst trends in the TICK precede moves in the ES.

Cunparis, you ever play around with Neural/Genetic forecasts, any comments? Also, real quick, my hunch was that Jason's models could be used to anticipate over-extendedness. So, do you think there's any predictive value in noticing when STEM is close to oversold/overly pessimistic but hasn't turned, thereby saying to one's price/volume research, "Okay, now we're looking for signs of bottom, accumulation, short covering, etc...expecting turn to upside" vice versa for top?

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