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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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affordable alternatives for trading/experimenting with forecast indicators

Hi guys,
Glad to read all the good critiques here. I think there's definitely a new trend in retail trading software to include forecasting techniques, and I'm sure it'll slowly become a standard in most charting packages. I would definitely save my money and not go "all in" on some indicators that we could later create as a team and will only get better and cheaper very soon. In the meantime however, there are a few very affordable alternatives that may have some advantages over the flux:

1. Cycle Pack by Chris at sr-analyst. Very cool stuff, forecasts turning points with predicted down swing/ up swing, based partially on Hurst cycle theory and signal processing. And, $30/month.

2. MAP included in Ensign Charting Software, at Ensign. There are very interesting articles about this unique Neural Net forecasting engine. It was supposedly developed originally by a genius weapon's scientist Dennis Regan, who supposedly went about creating an out of the box neural network forecasting solution involving a perspective similar to how a bat uses frequencies to get a sonic image of an environment. Later it was revived & attempted to be backward engineered by Larry Pesavento and a head guy at Ensign. Now it's included in their software package. Cost $45/month. Interestingly, the MAP forecast requires optimally 50-60 days of past data...just like Flux. Definitely some LOLs when you realize that GFTForex is reselling the same forecasting engine for $500/month PER CURRENCY pair, and they call it "Foresight AI"!!! And this guy Tom, is reselling it for $99/month at The Market Maps: Dow, FTSE, Dax and NASDAQ. Good elitetrader dialogue about the MAP's lineage here:
Forums - "Market Map" - anybody using it ?
Check out screenshots of the MAP at the ensign site and themarketmap site, has all the same ideas, sync predictions, inversions...etc...

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