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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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jwiesse is correct on both counts. It was available from Ben for about 6 months before Michael bought it. Ben is not part of the marketing team over there.

And yes if you wanted, and had the skills, you could duplicate it easily.

No I don't fade it nor do I trade it by itself. It is really cool in that it's fairly accurate. You must always have your own reasons to be getting in the trade ontop of this. That's what I do. I take my normal entries in line with this. I love cycles so this ties right in nicely. However you can't trade it as a stand-alone. Even how they scalp it sucks. Basic chart reading would get them far better entries since the signals are 'windows' of opportunity.

Would I personally pay 2000 for it? No. $300? yes. When Ben came up with it there was a lot of integrity and ingenuity behind it. When I hear Michael speak about it it takes away credability to something worth while. I'm sure some of the great coders here could duplicate it if they were so inclined.
I know a guy who replicated it exactly for tradestaion but it will never be shared or released due to copyright issues. He just kept it for personal use, nobody's seen the code but him but I had his screenshots to compare to my own and it was spot on.

Thanks I appreciate the feedback. Good info. It's nice to hear that you agree it's fairly accurate. I was impressed in that they show losses as well as wins. Red lights always go off when vendors show nothing but wins. I have always been skeptical of cycles, especially Gann. I know they exist in life, but predicting them has never show much promise, IMO> The reason I am considering them is that the principle is logical, to me at least.

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