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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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The person who wrote it is Ben at AffordableIndicators.com . I almost bought it when it was $300 but then they went and re-branded it. So it's not available any more for that price.

Since then I've been working on duplicating it as a background project (one of to many). It's fairly simple in that it does statistical averages of various previous days based on how you set it up. For example you can set it up to take the last ten Mondays and run it through the statistical averaging function they use and produce a prediction for the current day.

The indicator has inversions on a regular basis. To trade with the inversions they use other TA methods to not get faked out on the inversions. I believe that where the inversions happens is predictable and want to add this feature.

I believe it has merit but needs refined and definitely can't be used a standalone system but with other TA methods can be developed into a nice trading system.

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