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Hi Zoe

Have to agree, that post shouldn't be on the website. My biggest objection and the reason, I barely ran the trial a day, is it's black box. It's not Viper, it's Rich... and since I don't think this programing skills were all that great, I am not inclined to a black box.

Can't say to much about Charles, but I think Gary is genuinely trying to teach new comers about trading. I for one frankly wish they stayed away from the AT.


They got into AT for one reason: MONEY from subscribers.

Rich is a third tier developer looking for a marketing shell to sell his stuff. I understand some people at NT introduced him to Charles and the next thing you know Cobra AT is launched to much fanfare and then does a Led Zeppelin, never to be heard from again. Cobra blew up and with it a lot of traders' money. Anaconda was DOI and Mamba is no great shakes with a horrible risk reward ratio. Russell started off hot like most of these things do and then came back to earth. When newbies who thought they could earn thousands on a mere $300/month saw $1000 draw downs in a day, they ran for the hills.

So now we have new incarnations of Rich's Elliott Wavesque systems. (anyone who knows anything about EW can clearly see that's what the code is based on.) He slaps on the Viper mask and like magic Viper has another offering which has nothing to do, as you noted, with the Viper manual system which is based on fractals for breakouts.

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