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Fundamentals are ALREADY 'cooked' into any market. It is a chicken or egg question; for me, the question(s) are moot.

That written; I do NOT think about it--not 'try not to think about it'--I simply don't. I do not follow politics nor current events to an unusually large degree. No t.v. in my houses nor radio nor do I discuss politics. No offense intended. I realize this is absolutely quite odd; I get it.

This may come off as cocky or arrogant (assuredly it is not); my work is based on a high level of accuracy and having tracked over 1,700+ swingtrades in my career {27+ years full time} in Indices, Interest Rates, Metals, Currencies, Grains, Softs, Energies & International Markets & Sectors I confirm after the 1st several days or so whether my anticipated

a) short-term swing trades
b) longer-term campaign trades
c) Macro-term long-term multi-month to several fiscal quarter trades

swingtrades are on the right track.

How? Continued price action based on my cycle work AFTER my entry. I always use a mental stop(s) that I honor as if my next breath depended on it in case I am wrong. Yes; I am wrong a minority--a small minority of the time. That is trading, probability & statistics and position sizing are all my best friends!

Frequently, once I have confirmed continuing price action after entry with further analysis I then begin to focus a bit more on shorter-term scaling in and out and then back in again (@shorter-term profit targets and then waiting for another favorable entry on pullbacks within the 'now defined' trend) several times and at least 50% of the time with options strategies to augment my 'base'/core position.

I apologize if I am a trader that is unaware of 'news' or fundamentals. Incredulous at it sounds, I am unaware of day to day news announcements (except for my intraday trading and then only if it is a major monthly report such as NFP or EIA on the weekly report schedule, or PPI/CPI/GDP--a grand total of about 5 reports). Again, this is ONLY for intraday trading. I don't interpret the numbers.

This is contrarian in nature, I am a contrarian by nature--so it works for me. This was an excellent question. In my humble opinion NONE of the fundamentals mean anything; they are randomly controlled and adjusted and leaked and cooked and ???? in so many various and nefarious ways that it is utter f*ckery.

As long as price and volume move the markets (controlled by human emotions and behaviors); I am good with that. Even HFT doesn't worry me in the slightest. Until we are complete 'Terminator Robots' and humans are not allowed 'free will' to make a buy or sell decision, I have no worries.



Oh Wow....seriously?

*slowly backs away*

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