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Yes the 6E did not have a good afternoon, you should have had your 80 tick max loss on, and yes we have all been told that, if you didn't have it on that is your choice. Now also while we are on the subject of 6E, on the times I trade it I was down 12.50 for the day, and it made me $3250 profit for the week, now I am happy with that, Also while you were looking at 6E you would have looked at 6B to see if that was having an off day, and you saw it wasn't, it was well up so you choose not to include that into your post.

On your above post, what it says on the web site, It does virtually eliminate need for intervention, it doesn't say totally eliminates need for intervention. On my auto trader I don't interfer with it that much, just if it is maybe 1 tick away from target 1 and cant get that last tick I may move it, target 2 I will let run as the break even is on. If I wanted a AT that I couldn't intervien I would put my money into a managed account with a broker and go play golf for the day. It does signal and execute high probability trades, if it didn't I wouldn't be making money on it.

I think in the webnars when they ask clients how they use the AT and when, we all learn from that, and I like to hear how other people use it, other peoples styles etc, have they found better times, profit targets etc, its then up to me if I'm going to take some of that on board or not, but nice to hear it. I do agree with you on one point however, that some losing trades should be pulled up and talked about why that didn't work etc. Rich to be fair does sometimes do that when he is in them, I have seen him go through a chart and talk about the trades it took winners and losers.

6E has been back tested from November, we were all told the results in a webnar. It's making me money so I will stick with it. Why would I stop using it.

You are against it for what ever reason that is your choice, you should post the good with the bad and people can make up their own minds on the AT.

I do agree traders should help other traders, hence why I like this site, full of people wanting to help others.

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