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I choose to improve my visual acuity skills instead of relegate them to an AT that have such widely disparate results and such those that have been discussed and represented on this thread (formerly BMT) exists to help other traders help other traders to improve in their visual acuity skills

If I wanted to rework and duplicate work every day's efforts, then perhaps I would hire a staff and simply go in behind all their work and get it done twice,

similarly with respect to trading, if i hire an AT and have to do so much pre-work, let alone, know that all that needs to be done before hand each and every day, then I think I should keep setting aside time to trade directly and in the process improve in my visual acuity skills and in seeing the trigger point and improve in my win rate instead of improving in my customization skills for these AT products

Zoe, has a very good point that he is making, and I must admit, I didn't want to accept the premise of his argument at first, but it kept weighing very heavy and made sense.

Absolutely, and I agree with you, and I wouldn't use the Viper AT's for several reasons, but I disagree the vendor's are being dishonest. I do use Viper and I do find it useful.

The reason I disagree with Zoe about the vendor is he is making a statement about their character, because the product doesn't work as he feels it should. They never claim, in fact caution against just turning it on and running it all day. So to do what they say don't do, get lousy results, and then say they are crooks, just doesn't wash, and I feel people reading this should get balance.

I've played with another AT, that again was designed to work exactly as the trader himself traded. If you like his approach this was great. The value was you could see when the market was behaving according to the rules he had, turn on the AT, and it would execute for you. The advantage. Reaction time. Again, this fellow had the strong caveat, don't turn it on and let it run all day, it will surely loose. So again to turn it on let it run all day, and get lousy results, and thus say the vendor is a crook isn't fair.

My problem with the VIper AT's is they aren't Viper, but some black box of Rich's and I can't judge when they should do something, so I have no way of knowing if they thing is even working. And that I wouldn't run.

Maybe the issue lies in the definition of what an Autotrader is, and that is another story.


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