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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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"As for the reason I was banned, I had a private email conversation with a private individual where I expressed my personal lack of faith in the administrators trading skills. Simple as that. It was pertinent to a question posed to me by the individual. Had the admin not been trying to pass himself off as a trading "expert", the subject would never have come up in that email conversation. I simply expressed a personal opinion based on several facts. I had not realized that I was a member of a forum where I could not express my opinion in a private email exchange OUTSIDE OF THE FORUM and be banned for doing so! If it hadn't happened to me I would not have thought it possible for a successful forum to be run that way"
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I asked Felton to clarify this, and he said that, in order to help someone losing money, he advised that someone not to take advice from a certain administrator on this board. That "someone" later conveyed that message to said administrator, and that's why he got banned.

He expressed a wish for someone to tell his side of the story in this thread. While I have no horse in this race, I believe everyone is entitled to state their case.

I would appreciate if this could get verified or debunked... It's sometimes difficult to understand (due to the posts having been removed) why certain posters get banned, and I wish there was a thread where the administrators would post evidence of the "bannees" wrongdoings.

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