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When I learned and subsequently taught floor trading principles from successful older traders, there was a term was was coined to encompass the breathe and depth and width of the mental processes, inclusive of risk management, that traders go that traders go through..

"visual acuity"

what we are discussing here are the results reached by not curve fitting or as described having to do any of these items listed:
  • extensive need for customization to trading times,
  • knowing to set a maximum stop loss,
  • knowing in advance and setting periods of times not to trade based on economic news disruptions,
  • monitoring negative trades and deciding to interrupt their losses, irrespective of future recovery or lost opportunity to recover losses on the next trade,
  • need for constant social interactions on webinars just to find out what should have been done during the trading day to prevent said losses for that day
  • not discussing during the trading day's webinar, those customizations that more experienced traders are already making to prevent massive drawdowns, whilest letting others experience them,
  • preventing cross talk amongst serious and committed customers from sharing and improving other traders so that they are able to discuss what concerns them or swap improvements to prevent massive drawdowns and share positive experiences
  • waiting until evening to discuss chart patterns that appear so perfect long after the fact but in real time aren't so obvious, and not discussing them during the trading day where they can properly be traded (both on either the manual system or the AT systems)

what (I believe Zoe. is saying is) in order to reap the gains from the AT process, and limit, avoid, miss or skip over the losses, one still has to monitor in real time the AT process just to prevent the results of upside down trades (inverted positions) like the charts displayed (all 5 of them) just previously

what I believe Zoe. is saying is if one has to do all that monitoring and hand holding and mother hubbarding, then:
  • what is the advantage?,
  • what is the point?,
  • what has the successful sophisticated retail trader gained?

a logical conclusion to those questions implies (which may not have been as evident to all, but some have gotten the point, including my thick mindset) is:
  • its not likely that a knowing trader would have entered, or remained in those trades (refer back to the previously posted five (5) charts)
  • its not likely that the knowing trader would have traded during a chop session, whether based on outside events or news events or other factors not in evidence on the price chart, or remained trading (for that session, day, night, evening or scenario)
  • its not likely that manual trading would have produced the same losses

that having been said in logical simple terms, then a trader observing:
  • the price action on the charts,
  • the indicators and their alerts,
  • the market atmosphere,
  • taking into or ignoring all other intangible inputs from news sources
represents (most of) the net sum that a traders' mind goes through before deciding to click the button and commit to a position / trade

iow (in other words) the visual acuity process would not have lead a trader to have made the same series of consistently losing trades, and would have stopped themselves out from trading long before incurring a 56% drawdown on a well funded $5,000.00 account

so then what has an honest intentioned trader gained by using (anyone's, not just this one) an AT process when manual trading would most likely have had better results than what were observed (as described by those five (5) charts previously, as an objective discussion point)?

ok, gotta get back to trading,

no, neither Zoe. nor I are bashing anyone just discussing observations based on one's results and the foregoing discussion thread (i.e. contributions from others who have participated here)

cheers all

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