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Viper Trading Systems Indicator

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Zoethecus, The max loss ticks are there, it's up to you if you use them or not, if you had used them your 6E2 would not have been down so much. I personally like the fact that I Can adjust the parameters to my risk tolerance, I can move my 1st target, 2 target to what I like, have trailing stop on off, some people like it off, I like it on. It's personal preference.

It was explained to us that the settings were optional depending on our risk tolerance etc. you can make the max loss settings less if you wish. I'm only saying I like using it on the sessions I trade.

You'd have to ask Viper why there not on the web page yet, I have no doubt they will be. I can't answer that for you.

If your attending the webnars you must be a subscriber? as it is for subscribers only.

In the Webnars, we have all been told the sessions for A, B C days and know what they mean. Also on the news page of the auto trader website you will see the A B C days, and on the date that would say a B or C day it will tell you what not to trade and when, what to trade and when. It cant be more simple than that. We have all been told when to trade the 6E and 6B and when, and also when not to trade them, same for ZN and ZB (I don't personally trade them).

Lets take today for example, A Day except start the Russell after 11.15am on 3rd session. No 6E in 2nd session (7am - 11am).

Also i do agree with peter2150, you do sound like you are on a mission. Some At's I probably wouldn't like that you do and vice versa, depends on your trading style, You'd probably find fault with my manual trading methods and indicators also because it doesn't fit in with yours, and I probably wouldn't like your methods of manual trading, why because we are two different people, everybody trades different styles, likes different indicators etc. It doesn't mean I am a better trader than you or you me it's just called being human.

All I know is when I trade them and do my weekly P and L for the AT I have made money, some weeks more than others.

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