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The default setting for that parameter is O, which means false. And the developer explained why that's the case in the webinar--because one could easily be down 80 ticks and the AT would rally back to show a profit and you'd miss it.

If all those curve fitted parameters are necessary to make a profit, why doesn't Viper simply hard wire them into defaults to optomize the performance? Why leave it an open option for the trader?

Here's why: because if the AT has a great trading day during the times that were talked about as "no trade zones," they will use that to promote the great performance of the system. Other than the trade date calendar on the website, there is nothing explaining, when not to trade.

Let's be fair. You can't have it both ways. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

And you still haven't explained why the performance of these instruments is not posted daily on the Viper website. What is Viper trying to hide?

The systems are terribly flawed with massive drawdowns and require way to much user intervention.

I will be posting yesterdays, non-curve fitted results for 6E and 6B in a subsequent post.


You are beginning to sound like youare on a mission. You've defined an AT as requiring no user intervention, but fact is most really do, and if you can't trade manually you should trade an AT. The Viper guys recognize this and are trying to help there users by pointing this out and you criticize them for this.

As far as posting results, again the problem is how the user manages the software. I've seen results posted and couldn't duplicate them so what does it prove, was it them or me. Data feeds do make a difference.

Personally, I don't use the Viper AT's. I am not impressed by the software developer, compared to others, and also the drawdowns even successful trades bothers me personally. But that's me.

I have no doubt some aren't successful with it, but also have no doubt some are.

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