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Zoethecus, I personally dont trade the 6E2, I find it takes to many trades for me. I can only comment on what I trade and the results I get when I trade it with real money, I think that is fair. like wise if that is what the 6E2 pulled up yesterday then you should also say what the 6E and 6B did. I think that is fair.

I can tell you the results I had with 6E and 6B yesterday and will break them down. I only trade the TF, 6B, 6E, and original Diamond Back after FOMC and beigh book announcments with the AT. So I can only comment on those as said above it is real money and my findings. Also as I said in a previous post I'm not trading the TF at the moment until it finds some direction and stops chopping around. If there down there down, if there up there up.

Yesterday (as same day you posted) for 6B and 6E, (2 contracts, 1 19 tick target, 2 40 tick target with trailing stop, breakeven set to 17ticks)

I made $2369.75 on both, if you only traded the times Rich says you would have made $1288.50. I will break them down in the sessions I trade them (GMT time),

6B: Morning: $26.00, Afternoon: $125.00 (Night: $606.25, in brackets because outside recommended times)

6E: Morning: $400.00, Afternoon: $737.50 (Night: $475.00).

I will also say (all being fair) that on Monday on the settings I use in the sessions I trade it the 6E and 6B were down $789.00.

The recommended session times for 6E are (in PST) 1am - 5am, 7am - 11am, (my night session is 5pm - 11pm)

6B are 5 minutes past midnight till 11am, I use ten minutes past midnight to 5am then 7am to 11 am (PST)

I am not trading the 6B this morning as it is very tight, probably waiting for Beigh Book later (but will have a look when USA opens), probably would have traded it if the UK Industrial Production report had produced significant figures to move the 6B but came in at 0.0. I am trading the 6E this morning thou.

After beigh book I will look at the 6B and if there is violity there I will trade it, also I will be looking tonight at the Australian Employment report and may go into the AUD/USD depending on the figures released, and after today we should have good violity as the reports that are coming out for Euro and the USD if they produce significant figures within them.

Lets keep it fair.

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