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Viper Trading Systems Indicator

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this is impressive, how this thread has progressed, both with active customers attesting to the good they have experienced and the caution expressed by others regarding AT (auto trading) systems.

I was impressed with the results on the 6's (emini currency contracts) that were posted. I also thought that it was very wise to have segregated funds designated solely for the auto trader so that proper account results could be ascertained, separated from his discretionary trading account.

A word of general caution regarding jumping into currency pair (the true form of forex or foreign currency) trading verses emini currency contract trading. There remains substantial customer protection and risk management procedures actively used in the retail accounts regarding protecting the margin and ability to maintain a position in emini trading that doesn't necessarily always exist in equal measure with formalized F/X currency pair trading.

It continues to be reported that the latter have customer experiences that have run into substantial negative equity (i.e. debit account balances) instead of being forced out of their position in an equivalent emini currency position. Simply put venturing into those waters, one doesn't have the same federal oversight and protection that the various commodity agencies offer.

The new AT for F/X pairs shows awesome possibilities, but as with anything that cycles, if you join in on a down cycle, you endure the pain before the gain, if you join in on an up cycle, when the AT is producing awesome results, you have a testimony similar to the european trader listed above. One only knows by going live, not simulated.

happy trading to all, and to all former licensed brokers / traders amongst us, try to remember your licensing exam questions and discussions (just as a word of caution)

cheers all

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