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Viper Trading Systems Indicator

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I would disagree with your assessment about them not being a quality company. I know several other companies that charge several thousand dollars for there AT products, either do or don't provide historical testing, but in either case it's hard to match results.

These guys are quite candid about when not to trade with the AT's which many don't say anything about. Also instead of having to lay out thousands and then try and get it back, I believe you can trial it, or at least 1 month costs only $299, and you can go month by month. So if if pays for itself great, otherwise drop it.


The whole purpose of using AT is to eliminate the babysitting, discretion, and emotions from trading amd let the robot do its thing. Aside from trading around news, which I believe makes sense, these guys are curve fitting the strategies with extraneous pivots and adding other parameters about when to trade and not. So, the human involvelment ,i.e., discretion is now part of these systems, defeating the purpose.

The new currency systems are very young and, again, are being beta tested with paying customers like the original Cobra which, incidentally, blew up. Also, there is no record of the daily perfromance for 6E, 6B or ZN on the website. Ask yourself why.

Time will tell if these systems have legs, but if history is any indication, they probably won't. The success rate for AT is no different than discretionary methods. Over 90% lose money after slippage, commissions, and fees.

The company is getting ready to release even more AT for forex pairs. I guess if you throw enough crap against the wall, some of it will stick.

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