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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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djkiwi;here is another PERHAPS holy grail at your own risk.

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I was not referring to revealing one's trading method. The point I was trying to make is that a few well chosen cherry picked winning signals are not enough to prove a method works. You need a large sample of those signals, win, loose, or draw (not just well chosen winners) to get a more realistic view of a method. Since I am a day trader, when I show charts, I show my charts for the entire day with all the signals marked, but no, I do not reveal the details my trading method or full details of how the signals were derived.


I 100% agree with Monpere's perception, as we have to average atleast 2-3 weeks of charts around same time, like mkt open 930-1030 est. or else is all non-sense.

I would see charts for atleast 3 weeks of mkt open and we will definitely find some rough days - and rough days for a particular system may be sweet for another system. it is all we learn as we stare at screen and charts


I am not addressing any vendor specifically.... vendors should be required to show real results by law....

The more probable scenario is very few of them make any money with their systems hence their reluctance to post any form of independently audited results. I suspect the only way most of the them would be able to show a system that generates consistently profitable results is by falsifying the numbers. This of course would have legal consequences.... I continue to reiterate, anybody thinking of signing up with Felton Trading or any other vendor for that matter should ask the basic question:

"If this trading system is so profitable why is this person selling it to me as opposed to trading it themselves?"



you are so very wise in your closing question which also is most often asked by most sensible traders everywhere--

If this trading system is so profitable why is this person selling it to me as opposed to trading it themselves?

....but then again, @djkiwi, do you think there are legitimate vendors or traders out there who have more than one so-called holy grails?

....and is it plausible that the trader/vendor is willing to just part with the oldest one and withhold the most recent discoveries?

....is that scenario probable at all perhaps?

just a thought.

anyway, thanks very much for helping me answering those who wish to see the whole trading screens. the best answer i could offer at this time is, at this point in time; none of contraptions is offered for sale nor will any be shown to generate public recognition and accolade. my humble apology.

hope everyone has a satisfying and restful holiday. also wish everyone profitable trading sessions ahead. cheers.

just to remind you of what you stated earlier:
....a few well chosen cherry picked winning signals are not enough to prove a method works....

and in appreciation of your tremendous efforts in your latest responses above, another so-called holy grail is pushed up for your rare and extreme pleasure. if i remember it correctly, it covered more than three days of data, in fact, it should cover the prior whole week to avoid your stating that, it was cherry picking to inadequately convince anyone. the chart is further striped off other inessential markings to allow everyone to have a better view of this trading vehicle after it has been vigorously tweaked and tweaked and tweaked from its original humble and ordinary beginning until there seem to be nothing left but sticks, bricks and bones for better interpretation.... LOL

frankly speaking, i really do not have any particular need to upload another so-called holy grail to silence many other doubting thomases but then my partners won't have any of such skeptic baloney either.... L O L....

mind you, there are numerous others here who possess even greater trading vehicles than anything and everything that anyone would have the privilege to view and enjoy.... but also there is no incentive for any of them to show and tell their money making setups, which is most understandable.

neither is there any pecuniary incentive nor any other incentive for any of them to show us their priceless trading vehicles. i won't blame them nor label them them at all; neither would i express any doubt if such superlative minds and traders exist among us.

indeed there are many, particularly the case involved the gentleman from bangkok, thailand who has been trading profitably and consistently for months on end, and doing so silently behind closed door.

and if you recall, the same gentleman also submitted his broker statements to silence numerous critics who doubted that there is anyone in real life, who can trade profitably and consistently over a period of time. yes, he is a bmt member as well.

pls do remember, i disavow any personal and financial responsibility should the Ying-Yang Candles fail to enrich you in any which way you envision, alright? consider you are forewarned, ladies and gentlemen.

thx again, djkiwi and emini-holy grail, for this opportunity generated by your earlier statement.

have a happy and safe holiday and whatever is left of it.... cheers.

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