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Some highly recommended books

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sea side
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Thank you for advice.

I don't interested to read about MACD, what I want I know about it.
However when I've traded without any indicators, just volume and price I was consistently profitable, my "indicators period"...waste of time and money as well as "understanding of market". I wish I could never learned and used indicators


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Don't waste your time. It's not market wizards just some of his students who agreed to be interviews. They tell the basics of what they do and it's all based on indicators like macd. Then you get Dr. alex's comments on how he would have traded it, in hindsight of course! I didn't even finish the book.

if you want to go down the MACD divergence and indicator route, then I highly recommend it. But for everyone else, I say skip it.

Seeing people walk through their own trades, with comments in hindsight, I think it's painful. I'm reading joe ross's book "trading by the book". He decides to label a pt #2 when I don't think any normal person would have done that. Of course it gives him a great entry. Or labeling a #2 pt some place mid-bar that ends up giving a perfect fib retrace. I'm not accusing anyone of anything, just saying that walking through trades in hindsight isn't that accurate.

Now if someone made their chart and captured it and then goes back over it, that's a different story. but if I pull up a chart of CL from 2 months ago and start annotating it, well that's always a bit subjective..

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