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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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proprietors of different tools do have different interests

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Fully agree with your response. But, I have to comment on your attachments. Never judge a system by a few well chosen cherry picked signals. Even the clock on the wall that doesn't work shows the correct time twice a day. This is why when I show my charts, I will show an entire day's chart, or an entire week's chart, showing every signal, win, loose, or draw. It's too easy to cherry pick the 5 winning signals out of the 45 losers, and willingly or unwillingly misrepresent a system.

the main reason that the chart is posted at the end without any prior reference one way or the other, is for @@jkiwi / dj sole benefit.

did not want @@jkiwi / dj to think that he was the only one who spent endless hours on something that was exclusively intriguing. as far as i knew, there are more than a handful within bmt who also spent endless hours and sleepless nights to pursue something that was of immense interest.

one major different between and amongst several of us is, after endless sleepless days and nights, we all seem to arrive at similar conclusion which is, that there appears to be no one statistical tool that could effective and conclusively corner the markets toward consistent profitability. many offer various reasons for their failure to arrive at some worthwhile destination.

some would go on to interpret and imply what they discovered to others who are also on the journey to rediscover their personal utopia, without allowing adequate individual differences in their application of what they discovered.

a few would press forward to analyze their findings and to tweak and combine all the positive results into a few combined traits which they could study and analyze further toward a possible tradeable solution which they can apply to their existing trading framework. while many others would just throw up their hands and gave up or just conveniently concluded that, that was it, and that there would be no other possibility.

i personally also like @jkiwi / dj's effort and determination which are paramountly important traits for anyone wishing to be successful. however, if i were @jkiwi / dj, i would only delimit my generalization to limited application and scope to only what my sample and my resultant findings would allow. <nothing personal here either, K?>

anyway coming back to your observation, monpere my friend, just for your personal info, there are just not too many traders who trade for profits would allow anyone else to look at their live trading screen or their so-called holy grail trading contraptions; am i correct in my assumption or not? perhaps, i was showing too much already.

however, my friend, if you or others wish to post the whole chart or whatever, you surely are entitled to and welcomed to as well. and i would be delighted to view your whole trading chart with interest. pls do let me know when you would post your live trading chart for us to enjoy, K?

have a wonderful and safe wkend, everyone.

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