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Hi Zoethecus

If I can answer your questions as you have written them,

The 6's, yes I have been profitable with them, There have been some days where my max tick loss has been hit, but the gains far outway the loss, so I am happy with the 6's. I do change some of the settings on them, i.e. breakeven is set to 19, I have that at 17 things like that.

Regarding backtesting, Using these stratgies it is impossible to back test in the way of putting in a time frame i.e. 6.30am - 10am (PST) and see how it did over the past 3 months say. as lets take the Russell for example, you wouldnt trade it the day before a FOMC, or like this Friday coming we have the UOM report out at 6.55am (PST) so It will not be traded in the first session.

However a lady called Jane who is also a AT subscriber has done an independent study on the TF going back to October 2009 (I will attach it as a zip file for you to see), in it you can see the days it had losses, profits, hit max loss, hit cool blue, hit big green etc. She spent a lot of time on it (more patience than I have). And you will see that for the period of October to December 09 (which was when it was emailed out to us)it did well. It does match my takings on the times I traded it (with one or 2 ticks slippage you do get on the russell as it can be such a fast puppy).

AT's are not for eveyone and they will have losses, there is no AT that will not have a losing trade. I like the fact I can change the parameters within the AT for my own risk tollerance.I like how easy it is to understand the settings, and to change them, no complication.

I hope that answers your questions.


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