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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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felton is a rare exception amongst education vendors

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I really liked having Felton comments here. It gave a measure of Inquisition in a form that u just would not get attending a demo room presentation where attendees cannot compare notes, nor does the vendor have the chance to ignore the questions that they do not like.. It gave me some ideas on the wicked line break bars and other methods he trades. I probably never would of stumbled across on my own.. I would welcome all vendors to the forum.. Everyone already knows a vendor is trying to sell u something, so what are we being protected from?

the question is not....so what are we being protected from?

most vendors, i'll venture to guess--more than 90% of them, are so full of it, i would quickly quit bmt;

if and when big mike allows them en mass to present whatever to elite members. i know for sure that they are many elite members here who could comfortably out perform 90% of those trading software promoters and traders training gurus or whatever names they want to call themselves.

however, in reference to felton, he is a rare exception amongst vendors. i personally knew for sure that his trading setups as presented to bmt members, are applicable, tradeable and if and when properly and timely applied, would be profitable with consistency.

i knew for sure that his setups work, 'cause his trading module as presented here was quite similar to one of my own trading setups which has been productive and profitable.

i have no biz relationship nor any commercial interest in or with felton traders training and education in whatever shape or form.

more importantly, as i recalled, roger himself always welcomed members of bmt to his trading room free of charge which has been a big plus for those progressing toward trading for profit with any degree of consistency.

however, to allow any and all vendors on board to hog their practically worthless wares, would be something that most traders with bmt would not tolerate, i am quite certain of that. any way, that is just my personal one man opinion which could differ significantly from big mike and other much more experienced traders around, K? cheers everyone.

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