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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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be kind, my friend

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I understand your concern ... but on the other hand... if I got banned... I'm not sure I would want @Big Mike telling everyone why ....

"Well... he got drunk and posted really rude comments ... he did apologize three days later when he sobered up... but rules is rules."

"Well ... he got mad at one of them strippers he supports down at the Eager Beaver and posted nekkid pics of her .. she was cute ... but rules is rules."

"Well ... he was trying to impress some woman trader and pretended his username was MWinfrey ... granted MWinfrey actually benefitted from his new found "Street Cred' ... but rules is rules."

be generous, my trading friends

for all of us guys and gals who are concerned and perhaps also curious....

perhaps, i got a little too concerned and too curious as well, for i knew roger as a vendor and educator is much better than many many others on board here and else where.

but bev as recently as a few minutes ago appeared not to be cognizant of their being banned status.

we all probably would hear from roger himself soon.

it would be a great tragedy to ban him instead of numerous other more deserving individuals and entities here, is my personal one man opinion as usual.

again, no, i have no biz interest nor any biz relationship with roger, K?

i only know that his trading setups are pretty close to what i use for trading, so his contraption just couldn't be too bad or too destructive for any wannabes, except several thousands up front fees and his unwillingness to go on live for all his students' benefits. cheers everyone.

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