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Power of MTP for ES wave Count

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Just to share another experience with this software. I have had it for some time now and have blown hot and cold on it - probably more related to my own mindset than anything else.

In the last few weeks, as I have become more disciplined in my trading and aware of the psych aspects I have set out to use it in a more consistent way - both daytrading futures and eod trading stocks.

I find it provides a relatively clear framework to make decisions, which works for me.

In 14 intraday trades since mid December [with break over Christmas and Nw Year] (admittedly paper trades but executed in what I am happy is as real time a way possible) I have stuck to my rules (mostly) and come out with the following resluts

average R of 0.485
sd R = 1.859
sqn (van tharp - for what is it worth) - 2.63 - which is good.

total R of 6.8

6 losses, 4 wins, 3 break even (excluding break evens this is fairly consistent with the approx 40/60 spit of winners/loosers the developers suggest thsi system experiences)

this is a small sample. it was traded with ninja simulator and does not include commissions and slippage. I factored in spread after the fact in some of the R calculations but not all - so the real results would obviously be less.

I like the way it addresses position sizing and exit strategies as well as entry. It is growing on me more and more.

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