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Viper Trading Systems Indicator

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Just my little two pence of thought on this post, I have enjoyed reading it, it is good to have differance of openion, that is what evolves the next step.

Firstly I have no links to Viper only I use the AT's and so attend the webnars, Yes I know you can get the indicators etc, well similar, but I do like for two hours in my day having company trading, I live in Europe and trade from 7am to about 6pm GMT so those 2 hours are nice part of my day and averages out about $4 a day. so $4 is well worth it (less than the cost of placing a trade!)

The support you recieve is excellent, Gary is a true gentleman and his wife Linda is always very helpful if i ever need something answered etc.

Rich is always working on bettering his systems, I have been a AT subscriber from day one and to see how they have come on leaps and bounds is excellent.

A AT will only do as well as the volitality that is provided in my mind. At the moment ES, TF etc are not really trading well, to choppy. So I'm not trading the AT's for the TF or ES at the moment. So i just trade the 6's (6A. 6B, 6C, 6E, 6J etc). I have attached the charts from yesterdays AT trades for 6E and 6B as those are the only two out at the moment. both of them up $2362.50 = $4725 trading two contracts on each is not bad for 5 hours trading on two contracts. The reason I only traded the AT for 5 hours yesterday was it was non-farm payroll day and the currencys are a little to quiet for me before that news. I have a seperate account for the AT's and keep mymanual account seperate, that is also another way to see how it is doing, and my AT account is very healthy, growing nice and steady.

Yes they do have down days but not often and not by a lot either and some days they are only up a couple of hundred dollars, but usually up a fair amount.

As I said I live in Europe so I have the 6B 6E AT on when I am alseep, and when I wake up I'm up 5 or 6 hundred dollars most days.

I have every bit of confidence in their AT systems, and they will continue to just get better. Forex is out soon and I will probably be mainly Forex AT then.

Just my thoughts as I said and I'm happy with my set up here and my trading.

I hope you guys find what your looking for. I have attached charts from yesterday, the last AT trading day.

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