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Mastery Kit

I received the Mastery Kit as promised, all beautifully wrapped up.

The package consists of three sets of CDs and a leather bound journal.

I have finished the first set - the Basics series - that is about trading plan, journaling, risk and money management and "trading as a business".

I have been interested in the markets since 2008 (not actively trading), I have read a lot, found a lot on internet so I dare say I have some theoretical foundation. The CDs do not tell anything new. I cannot say that the information is irrelevant. On the contrary, there are a few wonderful tips and recommendations, however I would say that the Basic set is designed for complete newbies who know "something" about the markets, started trading excited, had their first big loss and found out that there were much more to trading than just "trading" .

The second set is about subconscious and conscious training. I have gone through the first CD (out of six) and I find it really, really helpful. The reason why it is helpful FOR ME is that it guides me through meditation. Something I have been looking for. I could do my own meditation all right but I find guidance as getting part of the job off my shoulders. I am glad for that.

The third set are two bonus CD with pdf files. Have not gone through them yet.

Another bonus is a leather bound journal. Nice looking.

All in all, FOR ME, the Basics series is useful partially, the Core Modules (second set) is very useful, the third set probably not very useful.

All in all, I would have never bought it myself because of its price. But that applies to any program sold for similar price simply because our currency cannot measure up to USD regardless of quality of such program. I will suggest to the vendor to include in the Basics series some templates for printing with regards to the trading and business plan.

To sum it up, during those four years of theory building, I found out that no matter what one buys and for whatever price, if one does not act on it, it is money thrown out the window. Learning trading is completely different from what we are used to from schools. First, you have to be your own master before becoming a master of trading, no matter what you buy... So, if you ever plan to buy any program, you first must get yourself committed to really following it.

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