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Some highly recommended books

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I actually think this is the most overrated book in trading..Its long with alot of words but says alot of nothing. Market Microstructure Theory and Empirical Market Microstructure are better taken togather, but microstructure isn't that hard to figure out without a book if you just google high frequency trading stuff.
I think Mind over Markets was one of the few trading books I bought that was more than worth it, other than impressing chicks with your trading library book collection. Victor Niederhoffer's stuff I think is good as far as viewing trading in the wider area of speculation in general.

I would highly recommend Ralph Vince's Handbook of Portfolio Mathematics...Extremely deep stuff..highly theoretic as optimal F doesn't make that much sense in alot of cases but food for thought non the less.

Another gem is the later chapters in The Mathematics Of Poker on bankroll management by quant trader Bill Chen.

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