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Indicators Looks like EOT Allas

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EOT Pro allas based on average of swings high and low. Stps are contoled in hey control the stps in allas.
Step Ma under discussion is basically Ma average with stp controled feature. This means one feature step cntrol available to us. Then how we get average of swing high and low. There is one old version of DMA, that have one indicator inside Dynamic SR. This indicator works on high and low. and draw a new line. When I use it to make it double then I got some images that I attach here for information and further discussion.
So If we make such indicator that have the following featurs, may be it close Allas
1- Contol the step size
2- Add coloring feature
3- Add swing high low average
4- Add level of sensitivity control
5- Add coloring Feature.

All these features are available in Two Indicators. a) Step Ma B) Dynamic SR
Dynamic SR is not available with New Version of DMA.

Step Ma Give better results when we apply it with setting of Riverend. This is just an idea, If some thing wrong with it forgive me, because I am not programmer.

Kjaved, what version of the DEMA are you you using for this, I have DEMA 2.0 but it doesn't seem to have the Dynamic S/R EMA option in it.

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