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Which broker and/or data feed to trade FOREX with TICK charts?

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Thanks to both of you for these first answers.

It also allows me clarifying the question and its context (Mike's "why").

First, I confirm I mean spot FOREX (typically: EUR.USD) and not currency futures (typically: 6E).

I am not considering tick charts or smaller timeframe because of the illusion of smaller stop-loss and so smaller risk.

I am considering FOREX because:
- as Mike said, it allows small position, so it allows leaving SIM mode quickly to face real trading (with its psychological aspects) without risking too much capital;
- in case of consistent profitability, it allows increasing position size progressively (for instance: 0.1% of capital per trade then 0.2% then... until 1%), without psychologically suffering too much from the "steps" linked to the number of contracts with futures.

In addition, I also like tick charts, because I feel the price action is easier to read, at least for my eyes and my methods. Moreover, I am currently working on some "compression then breakout" patterns. And such compression could be easier to read on a tick char. (A narrow candle on a tick chart shows that lots of contracts have changed hands without impact on the price whereas a narrow candle on minute chart could just mean that everybody was having lunch.)

It is why I was asking about practical possibilities to have FOREX + tick chart + live trading.

Thanks again


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