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Which broker and/or data feed to trade FOREX with TICK charts?

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I know some professionals Forex traders and a group o people that trade Forex with TradeStation and use tick charts, but I personally do not have experience with them, can not say much... As you may know TradeStation is the broker and the data feed provider; And if you trade Forex with them there is no commissions and also you do not need to pay for the software, which is great! The minimum amount to open a account is $2000 and minimum lot size is 10.000, anyway.

MB Trading and Interactive Brokers has good spread and commissions but it is unreliable for tick charts, the solution is to use DTN IQ for the historical backfill and the broker to give you the live quotes, so the backfill comes from DTN IQ but the actual live quote comes from your broker. You can do this with NT and also MC I believe.

And BTW, you should treat brokers, platforms and data feeds as they were prostitutes, never ever have any kind of emotional attachment to them and do not trust them; And you will be fine.

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