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Viper Trading Systems Indicator

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last 2 posts say it all!

seems that the notion of limitations on statements representative of future events constitutes a promise which further constitutes an implied contractual or guarantee of future events, which leads towards lawsuits after lawsuits after lawsuits,

so all statements, responses and representations are guarded and prequalified, as well as recorded and the script of typed text, responses and questions are kept (defensive move all around)

seems that the qualification statement that must be signed before lease begins indemnifies all their parties completely and reminds one that all risk is self imposed, as if we didn't need to be reminded of such

this is like all the other brokerage accounts that seek to remind the potential trader / customer that they bear all risk associated with trading and fully indemnify the firm against any and all liability.

seems that one indemnification is too much, just to do a 2nd one on top of that

seems that repainting bars makes the charts look perfect whilest live in tandem trading watching the charts and taking the risk on the trades does not equivacate to their results if they speak about them at all,

seems that the inability to cross talk, know whom else is in the room, or see their comments typed, or questions asked speaks for itself, although there are always reasons to prevent and isolate others from each other speaks for itself too....

seems that the positive trades that do happen especially with the auto trader on a good day and on an agreeable contract justifies the subscription many times over,

I just can't wrap my hands around letting go, and allowing it to fire realtime in my behalf, seems my option floor trader experience just can't let go, although I often, after running it in parallel in sim101 mode, wish I had had it live101 for that day, and frequently move the trailing stop into the profit, on successful moves, which cuts short further potential gain in exchange for keeping what's posted as a gain, and sometimes, and sometimes, and sometimes (formerly BMT) rocks!, and with some guts, grit and friends like these, hey, who needs automation?


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