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Viper Trading Systems Indicator

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thorough conclusions, not to be argued with,

I too subscribed, and returned, but having significant control issues (what with being a former options floor trader) with releasing control to an auto trader and watching my hard earned dwindle on what seemed right.

I too mother hubbard, and have argues with abandoning the concept for manual trading and simply missing some incredible entries and long home run trades. but oh well, can't bat 500, let alone 1000.

ok, here is there new and improved manual system screen shot. what I want to ask is:

1) identify the offset arrow indicator that points direction

2) using the ADXVMA indicator, oops, did I just answer my question, what other indicator do you see on their chart?

3) what other donchian channel, oops (Madonnna) I did it again, what other indicator do you see?

The only thing I can't recognize on that chart is the background indicator.

Got to hand to these creeps. They come to this forum to get free indicators and then package them in a BS name (Viper) and take $99/month for the pleasure.

I listened to one of their recent webinars and it was full of wonderful after the fact, couldwa, woulda, shoulda trades that the system showed, but not one of the moderators could produce evidence of a realtime trade using this stuff. I suppose that's because they VEND, not trade, for a living.

Also, they now have gone back to using Floor pivots after dropping them from the older version when they claimed pivots weren't necesssary. Now pivots are important. It's called curve fitting....

Stay away from these guys. You'll learn much more at (formerly BMT) and be $99/month richer.

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