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Kicked out of TTZ

I purchased TTZ many years ago when it was a lot cheaper. It was one of the best purchases I made compared to the others. The most value I got was learning and understanding MP, S&R, Tape Reading, and the necessity to keep things simple. I also learned a lot about risk reward and money management. There are no secret tools or indicators, but they do believe to know something others do not. This may be true in the short term, but eventually you can learn these things on your own if you are willing to put in the years and research.
During the many months with them my trading took a leap forward. My trading solidified.

TTZ is one of those education places where you can learn some pretty good insights about MP, S&R, Tape Reading, and money management. It can help to shorten the learning curve.
The education does not happen in the room. Basically, you get to listen and watch and if you spend enough time in the room as a non-member you may eventually come to enough understanding to be able to follow along. Unfortunately, the room is mostly a demo & sales room with a pretty good sales hook using "secret" catch phrases and acronyms.... makes it seem all very hush hush private and exclusive. It is a slick business approach.
However, there are no secrets to trading. Anyone who says they have the secret or the private magic is full of baloney. Just by mentioning they have the secret should tell you it ain't that special if they are willing to sell you the secret.

Presently I am banned from TTZ because I became a vendor and pimped myself out as a trade educator. They have a no competition policy. Seems you have to become a TTZ "aficionado estudiante" for the rest of your life or you loose your membership.

So, IMHO, where you will eventually wind up, should you succeed at this trading stuff, will be a culmination of all the stuff you learn along the way all structured into something you design from all your influences and resources, conclusions, trial and error, testing, and trusting.

For every strategy, method, or system there is a trader. Hopefully you discover yours before you have to throw in the towel.

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