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Indicators Looks like EOT Allas

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Never used it, but it is pretty easy to add Dynamic SR to the DMA choices. Just add it at 3 places in your DMAInternal.cs file (look at the other MAs and duplicate). Couple minutes work.

However looking at the code in the old Internals file (MAV.cs) the DynamicSR in the DMA was an average of the Support and Resistance.

else if( mAType == MAType.DynamicSR )
MA.Set( (DynamicSR(Input,MAPeriod).Support[0] + DynamicSR(Input,MAPeriod).Resistance[0]) / 2 );

So first you need to know if you want:
- DynamicSR Support
- DynamicSR Resistance
- both
- or the average.

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