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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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Right on Dan, I felt the same way about the cost structure at 59...very cool ideas, but I think alot of software/education companies are missing the boat with cost structure. As the current trend is for more and more of these free-to-inexpensive trading communities continue sprouting up (like Mike's), I don't think that these companies realize that they'd get so many more clients, and probably happy clients, if they just simplified the structure to something like 100-250/month all-in....1000 clients, and you know what a good month looks like lol. Instead, they mostly opt for the 2 grand here, 600 there, 4 grand here, and 299/month. I never understood that. I'm not much of a Tradethemarkets fan, but wow, what a business model, $295/month at 1000+ users...300+k/month...and they are still stuck in squeeze land...amazing. I guess they sell all sorts of junk too...but the potential to earn that much in a month, makes you think the priority should be a reasonable monthly rate and forget all these extra expenses.

anyway, Back to the Future (lol), or the present or whatever. Like you said, I think it's data mining, pattern mining, cycle mining, using a bit of something similar to Hurst stuff....there's an esignal indicator guy at site: sr-analyst, I believe his name is Chris, he's got a Hurst-like cycle projection package he calls Cycle Pack that kind of does this flux stuff on the esignal platform for $30/month. I think it's all very interesting. It's funny listening to the Flux sales pitch, mentioning Gann, Elliott, this guy and that guy...do you believe, don't you believe??? I think they would attract more people if they just said, 'Hey, complex computer algos search the data, find statistically powerful sets, and project them..." Sales is tough, I guess. I'm excited down the road, when I have some more money to play with, to experiment with neural net/genetic prediction models...I'd like to add volume cycles to the data sets.
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