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Some highly recommended books

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I started listening to the audio book. I gave up after bout 30 minutes. It seems too touchey feely. letting go. Maybe it's cause I've learned to do this on my own but I don't feel like I have anything to let go of.

in the first exercise he said to think of a problem or something we want to improve. so I thought "be more patient with my 4 year old" (she's a real terror). So then he askes if we're ready to welcome this thought. and then can we release it. I didn't understand any of it.

I guess if someone was really stressed or anxious bout trading maybe this book could help. but also if the person traded simulator for 6 months I think that would cure it too.

Anyone else tried it? I remember trying to listen to dr. phil's book. I thought his show was funny. his book must be targeted at real losers. I couldn't believe the stuff in the book. I didn't even finish it and that was when I stopped listening to most of that stuff (Wayne Dyer is another one). I prefer stuff that isn't targeted at people with serious problems.

BTW no one recommended "Think and Grow Rich". That book is truly excellent and aimed at achievers and not losers.

Well, I guess it's not for everyone. Anyhow in order to explain the process. It's rather simple. We have a lot of programs running in the background. Meaning that they run constantly in your mind. And they're the result of all your accumulation of experiences, feelings and information since you were born. The part of the mind containing the emotions is the subconscious mind. That's why they're talking about letting go, which means letting go of emotions.

But in order to be able to get rid of something you have to have something to get rid of first. That's the part where you more or less are asked to face it. Most people don't succeed with that because they're using their conscious mind. And that part does not contain any emotions only a lot of rational thinking.

So simply put. When he asks to welcome the emotion. You're supposed to welcome the feeling when your 4 year old is the real terror, and then you'll be having an emotion to let go of. If you turn the process around, and go on visualising that the situation has already improved, then it's more difficult to let go of that, right?

Using Sedona with trading can be very beneficial, in order to get rid of all the emotional charge that any trading outcome can create. After all we all need to be in an erased mode, after every executed trade!

We all struggle to make tomorrow look like yesterday!
Get rid of your past and let the future unfold from the now.
Past performance is not indicative of future results.
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