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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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quote from Icinder about their algorithms

a great number of points in this quote are spoken about in Back the Futures free webinar recording...

iCinDER™ Algorithms

The algorithms used in the iCinDER™ family of indicators are extractions of dimensions of price, time and attributes of the aforementioned. They specifically address the cyclical nature of market instruments and are an attempt to measure the Minor, Intermediate and Major Cycles as addressed in the Dow Theory and Elliott Wave Theory. These specific indicators have been enhanced with volatility measurements and convergence and divergence algorithms. The specific timeframes for the products have been tested and have been found to be a “best match” for financial instruments, such as stocks, indices, ETFs and Futures. The time model has a high correlation to the business cycle and its measurements. The model measures specific timeframe cycles and integrates an overall cycle measurement algorithm that evaluates the dimensions of time, price and entropy. The result is an approximation to the dominant cycle with midpoint levels and cycle start and stops at the troughs of the indicator. A secondary abstraction, in the form of a sine wave provides an approximation of the view of the cycle in a wave format. With this information in hand the technical analyst can access the bullish or bearish bias of the financial instrument and make a reasonable assumption as to the possible trend movement of the financial instrument.


Remember, with a neural net/genetic algos package like Neuroshell, you can train the above mentioned algorithms to forecast themselves many bars into the future, thus plotting the AMACD (V2 imho) and Power Zone (W3 imho) forward in time according to cycles/etc...that the neural net/genetic algos found and predict will repeat in the future.

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