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www.leadingedgetrading.com trading review

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From Online Trader Central

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 5:30PM EDT we feature "Not Catching 20 Points a Day (on average) in the ES? We Can Help!" presented by HT - The Head Trader at Leading Edge Trading
Ha Ha!

I am thrilled to make 1% on my margin per day on avg. month after month; and that is my initial risk for any trade.

I guess I should be making 20pts a day in ES!!!

Trading rooms suck. They should only be for entertainment only. One has to find their own way as a trader--either using a proven methodology that one has made his own from a good training source or figure it out on one's own using price action and perhaps a momentum and oscillator indicator.



Come on! Everyone is doing it! Why make only 20, when you can make.....(wait for it.......)...... 30 points a day!

I used to be a part of 1-2 rooms early on in my trading career. While I agree, it is mostly for entertainment, and one cannot follow someone else consistently, and make money for any decent period of time; I do believe you can get a new perspective or any number of ideas by looking at how someone else trades. This could be true of a trader who is making money, as well as one which is losing money. Looking at others for ideas is just one of many ways to help shape you into the trader you will eventually become, but only if you stick with it long enough. Yeah, I said it again, stick with it. But, to join a room which offers no trial, or doesn't allow you to do some Q&A, etc, it will probably be difficult to get real benefit from it. Just my .02.


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