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futures io forum changelog

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Improvement to the built-in charts you can easily embed into your post.

The bbcode "chart" will plot a chart that is always up-to-date. So if you post it today, April 15th, and you view that post two months later, it will show the up-to-date chart.

The bbcode "charts" (with the s at the end, for 'static') will plot a chart that is static or fixed in time at the moment you posted. So if you post April 15th, and view that post two months later, the chart will be two months old.



This will produce an always up-to-date chart of AAPL, like so:


This will produce a static fixed-in-time chart of AAPL as of this post date, like so:

You can also chart futures and currencies.


what are the futures syntax?

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