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emini trading school (www.eminitradingschool.com) review

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Emini Trading School - My Experience

I joined this forum yesterday. My reasons? I want to learn how to trade. Period.

In my trading journey I have stumbled across them all; Emini Trading School, Shadow Traders, Puretick...you name it I have been there and spent money on that. Lots of money.

Was I successful? No. Not at all.

I wish I had found this forum 18 months ago to help me steer myself in the right direction. I expect I will be relying heavily on this community in the near future.

So moving on to the discussion about Emini Trading School - I bought their software and paid for their room. I spent 3 months with them.

Greg talks a good game I will give him that. And he talks, a lot. In my experience with them, his style was extremely erratic, especially his trade 'announcements' - I say announcements because he claims he isn't a trade caller and just 'hates' when people think of him that way. But when he declares a winner he will say "I hope you all got that..." or "..is anyone still holding from my last call?" - Really Greg, come on.

He has no trading focus whatsoever and is constantly (or conveniently) away from the screen when a winner is announced with a retrospetive call, sorry, 'announcement' "...didn't you guys see that? My software told you it was a time to get in because of the divergence showing here in the chart...but I was on the phone at the time." - Really? Yes, really. It is quite the show.

He refuses to show his DOM. Why? He refuses to show a track record of his so called 'xx' winners in a row. Why? I have my own track record of his calls, sorry announcements. They are nearly all losers.

The indicator build he had 'specially' programmed (for $40,000...or so he told me) looks flashy with all the dots and lines. In reality they don't really do anything more or less than other indicators I have come across and also paid for. Ouch.

The only thing I got out of them was Market Profile. Well, an introduction into doing my own research on the subject.

My advice is, please stay away from Emini Trading School. Please.


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