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Is School of Trade legitimate? (

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Fibbee, myself and others firmly believe SOT is a SCAM. I commented on your post because I felt it did not accurately reflect what SOT is all about, I hope you can understand that. I want to expose this scam and warn as many people as possible from becoming a victim of these individuals.

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ed·u·ca·tion·al   [ej-oo-key-shuh-nl]

1.pertaining to education.
2.tending or intended to educate, instruct, or inform.

Within the SOT website I counted over 40 educational videos, that's not including the links for download which include all of the indicators, automated strategies, or written notes. All of them with the intention to EDUCATE the members on everything from advanced price patterns to the use of the NT platform, as well as a wide range of educational subjects that pertain to trading. They are not on selling insurance, not on changing brake pads, not on how to cook a good turkey. The lessons are trading education. JJ is not breaking any laws by offering education, therefore by definition he is a legitimate educational service. If he was offering education and then did not deliver on such an offer, he would be illegitimate.

Once again however, you are assuming that I care about Joseph James or Joseph Dufresne or Joseph Whatever's character. I do not. I cut my loss on the trade a long time ago. You should do the same. I do not care if he is a professional scam artist or the most honest guy on earth. That doesn't concern me, I am worried about myself and my own trading. It wouldn't make a difference to me if he is selling snake oil on the corner of Hollywood blvd. The trading industry, unfortunately is full of scams and people promising you financial freedom, however success ultimately lies within the individual. Just accept that.

Anyone can go to Clickbank and become an affiliate for some dumb forex robot, and start peddling people pipe dreams, the internet is littered with them. That's the reality of this business.

Cut your loss, or take him to court if you feel you have a case. (either way I don't really care)


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