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There you go again....

Fat Tails View Post
I do not understand what you are talking about. I was indeed born without a sense of humor, everybody knows that Germans don't have humor. I then worked hard to acquire some, but I failed, so I have to continue to live without it. Don't blame me for that, also it lacks politically correctness to make fun of people who cannot understand it. I neither understand the words "anal" nor "fastidious", so how could I laugh about them?

And also, when I intend to use the handicapped parking space, I never ever would do that with my Mercedes. I do not want to offend the handicapped, so I only take the small car of my wife.

@Fat Tails

Now you are just showing off... telling everyone that you have managed to acquire and keep a wife ... do you know how many people on this board have been able to do that... not very many... why do you think we hang out here...

I appreciate the burden you have with your affliction (no sense of humor) ... I suffer from a condition known as Stupidity .. I am lobbying to get it covered under the National Disabilities Act... since a lot of people suffer from it, especially politicians, and it is very difficult to get a good job once they find out you have it

I'm just a simple man trading a simple plan.

My daddy always said, "Every day above ground is a good day!"
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