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Your welcome ibrown. Actually I don't think I even use them anymore or really look at them. I used them for CJBooth's setups last year, but his setups rarely come now. He stopped doing the room this Feb. And I find my trading style is far more different and short term than waiting up to hours for his setups now. I'm using more often than not Perry's method continuation using the indicators by Erez in the elite area. I also look for price action reversals usually off of the bollinger bands which I found I still use instead of the KP pivot lines.

Here's an indicator very similar to the KP eband indicator. ""
Standard Error Bands smoothed ? - NinjaTrader Support Forum

Set the period to 30 and smoothing to 20, then set all the colors to transparent in "BandColors" except "middlecolor" and all the colors in "Plots" to transparent except "Middle". Then it's almost exactly like KP's eband. It's some kind of linear regression band which acts as somewhat of a dynamic support and resistance curve. You will see often price bounces off the center band before breaking through, or bouncing under or off it when trending out.

At this point would I continue my subscription with KP once it's ended? Sadly no. I find I don't really use the kp indicators anymore. Their kpsonar signals aren't cp enough for me. Their entries taking every HPL or HPH entry are just discretionary guidelines and always lag by a bar or two so it's easy to get whiplashed by consecutive hpivots if not aware of context. In general in tight ranges, kp indicators like most indicators dont' help much. If you read wgreenie/Beth's journal it looks like she journaled using the kp indicators for a while.

Kwikpop has a live trading room , mainly ES, where guests can attend. They don't do live signals. Once a week or so they will have a presentation usually by Wayne. A few people might say they they are taking trades sometime.
Good luck.

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